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Perform your banking operations through Bankinter.com

Can I see my bank correspondence on the web site and stop receiving it by mail?
If, in the option "Choose web site or document" in "Web correspondence" available in tab "My details". You can use this service to consult, save or print your bank correspondence from the web site and stop receiving it at your home by regular mail.

Where can I find my complete account number?
The CAC query ( customer account code ), that is, the 20 digits representing the bank number, branch, check digit, and account number, is available under the "My accounts" tab and in the following menu option: "Consult account number".

How can I cancel a transfer I have already made?
  • Via Internet. In the tab "Transfers" and in the option "National : Cancel". For the cancellation to take effect, you must do so before 6 pm.If you have made the transfer after that time you have until 6 pm the following day to cancel it.

  • Via the Telephone Banking Service. Calling 902 13 23 13. You must know the number of the operation and the DBK of the transfer that you would like to cancel.These numbers are provided on the operation confirmation page.

How do I change my user code or password?
Go to the "Other services" tab for options to change your user code and password. The change will be automatic.

How do I request a cheque book?
Under the tab "My accounts", you will find the "Cheque book request" option, where you can request a cheque book with 20 or 50 cheques in the account currency.

Where can I find my tax information?
Under the tab "My accounts" you can find the "Tax Information : Consultation" option, where you can consult the last five years. If necessary, you can also request a duplicate of the information.

How do I change my e-account to an salary e-account?
Under the tab "My accounts" you will find the "Change to salary e-account" option.

I have ordered my deposit to be increased and I would like to see the total amount of the renewal. Where can I do this?
Under the "My deposits" tab, you will be able to view the conditions of your deposits.. If you have changed the renewal conditions, you can view the new conditions under the "Operations : Change conditions" option, where we will show you the amount for which you ordered the deposit to be renewed again.

I wish to change the conditions of a mobile alert. How can I do this?
Under the "Mobile services" tab, in the "Mobile alerts" section, you will find the options that will enable you to register new alerts and change your present alert conditions. To consult registered notifications or modify the conditions, if you wish, press the "View and modify notifications" option.

I wish to change the PIN on my card. Can I do so from the web site?
The PIN is your card's security code, a four-digit number recorded on the magnetic tape on the rear of the card. Therefore, this security number can only be changed at a cash dispenser, not over the Internet.

Can I register a direct debit? And cancel it?
Under the "Payments" tab you will find the options for ordering, consulting or cancelling direct debits.

Can I give an order to return a receipt from Bankinter.com?
You can return bills in the "Payments" tab, in the bill return option. Those bills under 3,000 euros can be returned up to 30 days after their account debit date and those over this amount, up to 9 days after.

Can I recharge my mobile phone through Bankinter.com?
If in our section "Mobile services" under the tab "Start".

What do I do if I lose my Code Card?
If your card is lost or stolen, call the Telephone Banking Service on 902 365 563 so that we can cancel it.We will then allocate you a new one, which we will mail to you.
The code card is personal and non-transferable, since it is your e-signature for performing operations over the Internet or using the Telephone Banking Service.For security reasons only you have the original, therefore this information is not available on the web site.

Can I cancel my current account through Bankinter.com?
We regret that we cannot offer you this option through Bankinter.com. If you wish to cancel a current account, please contact your branch or call the Telephone Banking service on 901 135 135.