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Becoming a customer

What can Bankinter.com offer me?
Bankinter.com is the Bankinter Internet service which allows you to operate with your bank accounts over the Internet.You can carry out any banking operation any day of the week, 24 hours a day, without having to go to your branch.
Below are some examples of what you can do with Bankinter.com:

  • Open a current account
  • Operate with your accounts: consult balances, perform transactions, send domestic and international transfers….
  • Consult card statements, change your payment method
  • Contract all kinds of banking products (Deposits, Investment Funds, Mortgages, Pension Plans, Life Insurance…)
  • Buy and sell shares on the Spanish Stock Exchange and on 24 International Stock Exchanges.
  • And much more: account aggregator, renting, mobile notifications…

Can I become a customer over the Internet?
Yes, Bankinter.com offers you the possibility of becoming a customer through a remote registration service, contracting any of the products available on the web site.

If I become a Bankinter.com customer, what does that give me access to?
Once the sign up process has been completed, you will be a Bankinter customer, which will give you access to any of the bank’s channels:

  • Internet Banking (Bankinter.com): you will receive connection codes and other sign in codes (code card) to be able to operate.

  • Telephone Banking Service: you will also be able to operate through our Telephone Banking Service with the code card and your personal identification number (PAC)

What does the registration process consist of?
Proceed as follows:

Fill out the form with the personal details of the holders or authorised persons (maximum of two persons, whether they are holders, guardians, minors or authorised persons.In the case of non-residents, only two holders, older than 18 years of age).
Read and accept the Basic Bankinter Contract.
You will receive your e-account number (your current Bankinter account), and it will remain open: you will be able to make deposits starting the following day.
We will provide you with your access codes to operate via the Internet and the Telephone Banking Service.
You will receive the welcome packet at your home address (or, if you prefer, you can print it from you computer screen).With the following documentation:

  • Two forms:
      - signature validation
      - personal identification

  • A key code card so that you can operate securely over the Internet and through the Telephone Banking Service.
  • Tax Residence Statement (only for non Spanish residents).
You must send us the following documents within a one-month period:
  • A photocopy of your identity document (DNI/NIF, passport or residence card).
  • The two forms (Signature validation and personal identification) duly filled in.
  • Tax Residence Statement (only for non-residents in Spain).
If you are a Spanish non-resident, you must also add a photocopy of your current Consular Certificate of Residence.

For security reasons, your e-account will remain blocked and your key code card will not be activated until the aforementioned documents have been correctly received, from that moment you will be able to operate fully through the different bank channels.

You will be sent an e-mail to notify you of reception of the documents.

I need help. Who do I call?
For any question or problem about navigation, you can call our Bankinter Reply Service 902 365 563.You can also contact us via e-mail.

How do I deposit money in my account?
To deposit money in your new account, make a transfer from an account in another bank.

What do I need to connect to Bankinter.com?
Your connection codes, which are a user code and password which you will be given during the registration process. They are a means of identification and a security measure, therefore you can change them whenever you wish.

What do I need to operate on Bankinter.com?
Your code card. This card contains letters and numbers, and each time you wish to perform an operation (make a transfer, for instance), we will ask you for a code from the card. This is how we confirm your orders. In other words, it is your electronic signature, to confirm operations. The card is personal and non-transferable and is used to perform operations in all the accounts where you are the holder or authorised.
Code card

What do I need to operate through the Telephone Banking Service?
Through the Telephone Banking Service 902 13 23 13 you can consult and carry out operations with your accounts.
  • To consult your accounts, you need your PAC (Personal Access Code). It is a four-digit code that we will ask you for to identify you each time that you call the Telephone Banking Service.
  • And to operate, the same PAC and code carde that you use to operate over the Internet.