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Internet codes

I have never connected to Bankinter.com, how can I get my access codes to Bankinter.com?
If you are a customer of the Telephone Banking Service, call 902 365 563, where you must identify yourself with your PAC (Personal Access Code), and you will receive the codes with which you can make your first connection to Bankinter.com immediately.For security reasons, the first time you connect, and after signing the Remote Banking Service contract, we will ask you to change your codes.

If you are not yet a Telephone Banking service customer or you have forgotten your PAC you can go to your Bankinter branch, where they will provide you either with access codes or with a PAC so that you can call and obtain them over the phone. If you are unable to visit your branch, you can also call the Bankinter Reply Service, on 902 365 563, to be sent a Personal Access Code to your home address by mail. Once you have received it, you can call us again and request your Bankinter.com codes, and they will be given to you immediately.

How do I change my user code or password?
Go to the "Other services" tab for options to change your user code and password. They will be changed automatically.

I have forgotten my codes or they are blocked. How can I recover them?
If you have forgotten your access codes or these are blocked, you can reactivate them under the option Forgot your Internet codes?. You only need to remember your PAC (Personal Access Code for the Telephone Banking service) and have your code card at hand. If you do not remember your PAC, we will send a new one to your home address.

How do I sign the operations from Bankinter.com?
Bankinter.com operations are signed with a code from your Code Card. It is a card containing letters and numbers, and each time you want to carry out a transaction (e.g. make a transfer), we will ask you for a code from your card.This is the means we use to confirm orders. When you enter the co-ordinate, the orders become effective

The card is personal, non-transferable and allows you to perform operations via Bankinter.com and the Telephone Banking service.
Code card