The board of directors of Bankinter appoints Teresa Martín-Retortillo as a new director

Today, on the recommendation of the appointments and corporate governance committee, the board of directors of Bankinter, S.A. resolved to co-opt Ms Teresa Martín-Retortillo Rubio as an independent external director of Bankinter, in order to fill a post on the board which, until now, had been vacant. The new director’s term of office will be for four years and must be confirmed in the next general shareholders’ meeting.

In view of this appointment, the board of directors will consist of 10 members, with five independent external directors, two executive directors, two external proprietary directors and one external director.

Teresa Martín-Retortillo holds a degree in business administration from CUNEF (Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros) and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She has an extensive track record working in large international companies. Since April 2017, she has served as executive president of IE Exponential Learning in the executive education division of IE Business School. Prior to this, she was senior vice-president of strategy and business development at McGraw-Hill Education in the US; a partner at the strategic consulting firm, Bain & Company; and a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs in London.

Given her expertise and vast international experience in finance, as well as her strategic business approach and skills in innovation and digital transformation, Teresa Martín-Retortillo will surely be a positive addition to the board of directors of Bankinter.