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The Bankinter mobile app is awarded the ILUNION accessibility seal

With the improvements that have been implemented, Bankinter is making its mobile app easier to access and use by all customers, irrespective of whether or not they have any physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities.

ILUNION sets out to help raise awareness among companies and public-sector bodies about the importance of creating more accessible digital environments for all people, and to implement programmes to develop them.

Bankinter is the first bank to use the ILUNION Accesibilidad seal in its mobile app, a digital platform increasingly used by customers for banking. With this certification, ILUNION Accesibilidad is recognising the work and dedication to making the Bankinter app more accessible by endorsing the complex transformation process and the improvements made by the bank to its app, which will make it easier for all customers to use, irrespective of whether or not they have any physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities.

 As a result, Bankinter complies with the provisions of Royal Decree 1112/2018, of 7 September, on the accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector, including banking as a strategic sector, which establishes this accessibility as an obligatory aspect.

 In order for the app to deliver an acceptable level of accessibility , Bankinter has undertaken a complex process of adapting both the design and development of the app under the criteria set by WCAG 2.1 and UNE EN 301549:2019, which were established in the legal framework.

 In order to achieve this, throughout the process, Bankinter has tapped into the experience of Ilunion, which has confirmed that Bankinter is complying with accessibility standards, and has provided solutions to implement the necessary improvements to deliver a level of accessibility that covers the bank's diverse range of customers.

 Throughout this process of analysing and searching for improvement solutions, the bank has benefitted from the involvement and opinions of real customers, with a special focus on using the app on screen readers, digitally adapted technology used by people with visual disabilities in their day-to-day lives.

 By implementing all of these improvements, people with some type of disability will be able to enjoy greater independence in using the digital financial services on the app, providing easier access to the most common operations, such as checks on balances and transactions, Bizum transfers and payments, and financial-product management.


ILUNION, a benchmark in 360º accessibility.

 Within a single company, ILUNION Accesibilidad combines social consultancy services and technological solutions aiming to deliver greater accessibility in digital and physical environments, in communications, in information and in the structuring of organisations; and harnesses the talent of the best multidisciplinary team to guide companies on this journey to 360º accessibility. 

 Using accessibility as a differentiating factor, one of ILUNION's aspirations is to help to raise awareness about the importance of more accessible digital environments for all people among other businesses and bodies, but also encourage them to take the plunge.

 Universal accessibility has become a necessary feature of products, services and environments in recent years. It is a legal requirement, but, in addition, and in particular, a need that companies, public bodies and the non-profit sector want to fulfil, reflecting a serious social commitment. By fulfilling this need, they will also improve outcomes in all areas, from social to economic.