COINC Junior is launched, a Bankinter idea to promote saving among the littlest ones.

It foments and teaches saving practices to children, in a completely digital environment with a strong focus on social networks.

COINC, the Bankinter online saving web portal has just launched a new function of the current service, specifically intended for the littlest ones: COINC Junior. This original tool will enable both children and adolescents to begin saving and learning how to do so. And all of this is made possible in an easy, dynamic, completely digital and fun way.

From now on, COINC users will be able to invite the minors in their household to save in unison. All that is required is to have an email address to be able to receive the invitation for this purpose. Once they become part of COINC, authorised minors will be able to create savings goals in their own space in order to get that thing they want so much.

Thus, minors will be able to learn to save to pay for a mobile phone, a new console, an overseas English course, a school summer trip, or simply save to have money available when they need it.
The aim is to generate savings habits among the littlest one that enable them to achieve small future projects, gaining self-sufficiency while they learn to manage their resources. Through COINC Junior, children and adolescents begin to value the concept of saving in a better way, to be selective and to reject unnecessary expenses and to be aware of how, all in all, through patience, effort and good planning, saving can enable them to achieve great objectives. In that regard, the project is aligned with the strategy of the bank with regard to the sustainability of promoting financial education throughout society and, above all, among the littlest ones.

The platform is ideal for addressing these expectations and the successful experience of COINC is a point in its favour. With COINC Junior, household savings are no longer a far-off concept for young people at home, who are involved in the economy of their family setting.

This system shares the same advantages as COINC. In that regard, in addition to obtaining a 1.10% APR return for their money, minors will be able to share their saving goals and thus receive contributions from friends or relatives to reach their objectives. This is because the traditional Sunday family allowance can also be incorporated into to the online world. At the same time, they will be able to create new goals, move money between each other, monitor their savings from any mobile device and purchase - always with the authorisation of the holder: mother, father or guardian - Amazon gift vouchers (benefiting from the 4% discount).

An idea backed by COINC

COINC, Bankinter's online saving web portal, is one of the brightest and most innovative experiences of digital banking. It is a dynamic environment, whose definition is based on the latest trends of Web 2.0. and on the emotional concept of the relationship and connection of social networks

Currently, it has 72,000 users; 37% more than last year, with accumulated assets of 800 million euros.

One of the advantages of COINC is that the registration process is free and is carried out 100% online, without having to physically go into any branches or to send any documents. Similarly, COINC and COINC junior accounts have a return that is situated currently at 1.10% APR, with no fees, no permanence commitments and with total availability. The maximum amount of reimbursement is 50,000 euros. In addition, those integrated in the platform will have beneficial discounts at various stores and a 4% gift voucher for all purchases carried out at Amazon.

COINC is open to all members of the public, although it is specifically intended for native Internet users, who are comfortable with the use of online tools, use social networks in their day-to-day life and who want to make their dreams come true through saving, but who prefer to do it in a fun way and without the obligation of using traditional banking systems.