Bankinter will maintain Salary Account advantages for those whose income falls below the required minimum due to the impact of coronavirus

The bank is relaxing requirements for current holders of the Salary Account and Business Account whose income has decreased due to this crisis and cannot deposit the required monthly minimum of 1,000 euros.

The purpose of these measures is to allow customers with this account to continue to enjoy its distinctive advantages.

Bankinter has a new initiative in the set of measures it has put in place these days to assuage the financial impact of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This time, the bank is taking a measure concerning one of its star products and main attraction for new customers, the Bankinter Salary Account (Cuenta Nómina Bankinter).

The bank created this product in 2012, and it been marketed ever since with all the same financial advantages and conditions, like payments to new customers of 5% AER in the first year and 2% AER as from the second year, up to a maximum of 5,000 euros.

In these times of particular financial hardship, Bankinter has decided to extend its Salary Account campaign.

The bank will also relax current account holders’ minimum income requirement of a net 1,000 euros per month as dictated by the account’s terms and conditions. These measures aim to allow customers whose income have fallen during this crisis due to a decline in their professional activity or who have been affected by unemployment, a temporary redundancy scheme or otherwise, to continue to enjoy the advantages and cost exemptions of a basic product in the daily finances of any household. 

Bankinter’s Salary Account, in all of its forms (Salary, Business, Pension or Non-Salary), is a distinctive product that, in addition to paying the previously mentioned AER, is exempt from fees; comes with a free credit card, free online and mobile transfers to domestic accounts, free debit cash withdrawals at over 14,000 ATMs; and provides immediate liquidity.

Bankinter’s total salary account portfolio amounted to 10.436 billion euros at the end of 2019, a 25% increase from 2018 that attests to its strength and popularity in the Spanish market.