Bankinter turns its blog into an up-to-the-minute financial portal

The bank provides its customers and non-customers open access to information and the possibility of a customised subscription by topics with the aim of helping them take investment decisions.

The new blog will continue at, which already offers stock prices and direct links for trading in the stock exchange.

Bankinter has decided to revamp its popular blog and turn it into a free-access financial portal with real-time information. The aim is to provide the public (customers and non-customers) with the best information, enabling them to remain up to date with the news, analyses and data that move the markets. Ultimately, it will help any possible reader take the best personal financial and investment decisions.

The increased popularity and relevance achieved by Bankinter's Blog have helped the bank consolidate this point of contact with customers, potential customers and different groups of interest, such as the media outlets and shareholders.

Over the last three years, Bankinter's Blog has increased its audience times 60, with an excess of 150,000 visits per month, and it has been included as a common and reference source among many media outlets thanks to the quality of its content. In addition, Bankinter's Blog was recognised as one of the five best corporate Blogs in Europe at the 2014 Digital Communication Awards. The content published in Bankinter's Blog is available to any editor, and it can be used by simply citing the original source.

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A complete redesign.

Bankinter's Blog has undergone a comprehensive redesign and is provided further functionalities so users can make better use of its content. Among the most relevant changes made to Bankinter's new blog (, we can see:

- An increase of financial news: from now on, readers will have available a lot more articles on current events. This has been achieved by the Bank opening its Blog to quality-proven third parties with the purpose of completing the reader's viewing content in real-time. This increase in sources will complete the viewing content already provided with the comprehensive reports prepared by Bankinter's Analysis team, which will remain the fundamental pillar of the web portal's quality content. It is worth noting that Bankinter is one of the few institutions worldwide that openly shares its premium reports with the public

- Stock Prices: this web portal includes panels with stock prices and graphs from different markets that are available to the user. Everything is linked to Bankinter's Broker in case the customer wants to trade quickly and safely.

- A new responsive, or adaptable, design will guarantee that all content is equally appealing on any device (computer, tablet or mobile phone).

- Customised subscription: from now on, users can subscribe and receive news only on the topics of their choice and alerts at the frequency selected (real time, daily or weekly). In total, there are more than 2,000 possible topics to which a user can subscribe. In addition, the over 80,000 news items that comprise the web portal will be available to the reader for free from the "Library" section and the "Search Engine". These news items will be easily shared in all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Menéame and even in Whatsapp in its mobile version).

- Access to an economics dictionary: the bank provides its users free access to its economics dictionary( with approximately 1,500 terms that can be consulted via quick searches.  The aim of this initiative is to provide transparency and serve as didactic material to expand the financial culture of all the readers.

For more information: go to the homepage of Bankinter's Blog