Bankinter to advance customers’ pension payments by another four days

The bank will move the date of customers’ pension payments forward again, to 21 April.

As part of its shock plan measures to mitigate the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis on certain groups of customers, Bankinter decided to move the payment date of customers’ pensions foward once more, from 25 April (as previously set) to 21 April.

Normally, the bank made this payment on the second-to-last day of each month; however, it moved it forward to the 25th last March in view of the crisis. New the bank is taking a step further in its strategy to help each household with normal cash flows by moving the payment date forward by another four days this month, making it possible for its senior customers to be paid their pensions on 21 April.

Bankinter is adding a new initiative to its measures to mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19, which can be found on its Medidas Bankinter (Bankinter Measures) micro-site created especially to spread awareness and give all its customers access to the various proposals in its shock plans:  (

These measures, which the bank has implemented since the crisis began, include a four-month payment holiday on mortgage principals for household customers that do not qualify for the mortgage moratorium enacted by the Royal Decree-Law; advance payment of pensions and unemployment subsidies; upholding salary account conditions for current account holders whose income does not meet the required minimum; adherence to ICO credit lines for SMEs, sole traders and companies, of which Bankinter has been attributed 1.024 billion euros in their first tranche (having received applications from customers for over twice this amount); grace periods on loans for corporate customers, grace periods and due date extensions on leasing agreements; the option for companies to use pre-approved loans (intended to make tax and social security payments) for any purpose, etc.