Bankinter strengthens the service it provides to the elderly via its commercial networks

The bank is launching a preferential service for over-65s for Telephone Banking, a service it already provides in-branch.

The entity has been providing personal service without any prior appointment throughout its branch network for years, with unrestricted cashier service hours from 8:30 to 14:00.

Over recent years, the Group has kept the same number of branches in its commercial network and has increased its workforce every year.

Bankinter is highlighting its face-to-face service through an action with advertising impact at Puerta del Sol.

Bankinter maintains a resolute commercial strategy focused on offering a quality service adapted to its customers, regardless of their age and skills, and via all interaction channels, including the branch network. In this regard, the bank has maintained all commercial measures and protocols to continue to effectively meet the different needs of customers, with a special focus on those groups that require greater support or commercial protection, such as the elderly.

The bank is aiming therefore to highlight to the elderly and, by extension, to all other customers the advantages of accessing an in-branch face-to-face service, with long opening hours, that the bank has maintained without changes or cutbacks over the years, within a consistent and coherent strategy to the customer's advantage.

Among the measures the bank has had in place for some time, it is worth highlighting a preferential service for over-65s in all network branches, as well as relationship managers to provide the service. The bank has a commercial protocol on which a large number of network employees have already been trained, and which will become mandatory for all of them as of this year, in order to provide suitable service to both the elderly and people with disabilities.

Face-to-face service has been provided in-branch from 8:30 to 14:00 for customers who require it for many years, with no time restrictions and no need to arrange an appointment.

Preferential service in Telephone Banking

Now, Bankinter has just extended this preferential service for over-65s to its Telephone Banking, expanding it to a new channel for this group.

A long history of high quality standards in customer service

The bank has spent years implementing various initiatives that result in the quality of its customer service. One of them is the "A Bank for Everyone" programme it launched years ago, through which it has achieved a substantial improvement in the accessibility of all its physical and digital channels. 99.5% of its branches currently have universal physical accessibility, meaning that they are fully accessible for people with mobility difficulties. All these branches also have digital points for teaching customers how to use the web, accompanied by a branch relationship manager. The bank has had an accessible website and app for years.

It should also be noted that customers can choose to receive communications from the bank on paper or online and even request monthly statements in large print or in other accessible formats, such as Braille.

Within the product catalogue, Bankinter offers the elderly one of the most competitive savings products on the market, the Bankinter Pension Account. It is a fee-free account with a return of 5% APR the first year and 2% APR the second, up to the first 5,000 euros, which offers a free credit card and the option of withdrawing money on debit free of charge at more than 17,000 ATMs throughout Spain. Bankinter has been advancing pension payments every month since the pandemic began.

For its part, the "Bankinter for the Family" service allows customers to authorise whoever they like on their accounts to help them manage their finances.

It should also be noted that Bankinter has a network of 364 universal branches in Spain and that it has not reduced either its branch network or the staff of employees who support that network over the last few years.

Action at Puerta del Sol

With the aim of highlighting quality customer service in general, the bank launched a high-impact publicity stunt at Puerta del Sol in Madrid yesterday, 3 March: a giant canvas is now hanging on one of the most iconic buildings at Puerta del Sol, with a large QR code and the phrase "The metaverse is yours" on it. The QR contains an embedded video that aims to show that a personal customer service has always been a hallmark of the bank.