Bankinter signs an agreement with Morgan Stanley to launch an international mixed fixed income fund

This is the first time the Bank has partnered with a global financial investment institution to design and manage an international fund.

The US bank will exclusively manage the 'Bankinter Flexible Bond' fund, which is now added to Bankinter asset management's' offer of own funds.

Bankinter takes a further step in its strategy of strengthening its range of investment funds. The Bank has signed an agreement with Morgan Stanley, meaning that this renowned US institution's structure can be used to support the design of Bankinter's first own international mixed fixed income fund.

The Bank distinguished itself over a decade ago as a leader in the marketing of third-party investment funds, but now, for the first time, it is partnering with an international financial institution to create a new investment fund. Thanks to the agreement with Morgan Stanley, Bankinter will have a new international mixed fixed income fund: Bankinter Flexible Bond.

Under the framework of this contract, Bankinter Asset Management has designed the new fund together with the Morgan Stanley manager. The latter will manage the fund exclusively for Bankinter, which will be the sole marketer.

Among the options for investors, the fund will have three classes with different investment minimums: from 1 euro (called Class C or clean class); from 10 euros (Class R) and from 500,000 euros (Class B, aimed at Private Banking customers).

The fund's investment process takes account of sustainability risks and is based on independent third party analysis.