Bankinter secures its position as a highly sustainable bank after renewing its membership in the renowned FTSE4Good index

The bank has been a member of this index since it was created in 2001 and has been re-elected as a member in each annual edition since its creation.

Sustainability is a strategic priority for the entity, which has decades of experience in the environmental, social and good governance fields..

Bankinter has gained recognition again for its progress in sustainability. The bank has once again been selected to form part of the prestigious British FTSE4Good index, which global companies with the best performance in the field of sustainability are members of.

The entity has therefore demonstrated consistency in the internal application of environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG criteria) as it has just renewed its membership for this international benchmark index. Since the FTS4Good was launched in 2001, Bankinter has shown itself to be an asset that has been chosen year after year as a member of this index.

The FTSE4Good series of indices are designed to measure companies' compliance in the environmental, social and governance fields. They basically show the list of the most sustainable corporate values in the world, a parameter that is used by various market players, such as private investors and investment fund managers, among others, when deciding to invest in shares of companies reliably committed to sustainability.

The evaluations carried out by FTSE Russell, the creator of the FTS4Good index series, serve to gauge the performance of each company examined in ESG aspects such as measures against climate change, contributions in social matters or compliance with regulations and recommendations of good governance in management bodies and business administration.

In addition to being part of the FTS4Good, Bankinter has been included in the also prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, for four years. It has also been previously included in the European edition of this index. In addition, the organisation CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) benchmark organisation in environmental compliance data, has maintained a "B" rating for the bank.

Membership in these indices demonstrates the development carried out by Bankinter in the field of sustainability over more than 15 years. Being a sustainable bank has historically been a strategic priority for the bank. One example of this is that the Sustainability Committee has been chaired by the Chairman of Bankinter, Pedro Guerrero, for years.

Sustainable criteria are being increasingly introduced across the board within the entity, which has given rise to a series of achievements in the ESG fields, including a wide range of products and services that follow both environmental and sustainability criteria, such as investment funds, the bank's green mortgage (called Efficient House Mortgage) and pension plans, among others.

The bank is aiming to increase this offer of products and services and to continue to progress towards sustainability, all governed by the Sustainability Plan - called the 3D Plan, due to its environmental, social and governance dimensions - approved for the period 2021- 2023.