Bankinter opens new innovative and ‘eco-friendly’ building in Alcobendas

The bank is at the forefront of the new workspace trend, with a building centred on teamwork, sustainability and the use of new technologies.

Bankinter has opened a new flagship building to expand its home office in Alcobendas and become fully immersed in the ‘future office’ trend of new, innovative workspaces. 

Bankinter CEO, María Dolores Dancausa, opened the building, located at Avenida de Bruselas, no 14, in Alcobendas, in an event attended by members of the management committee and over 400 Bankinter employees.

The building has a total surface area of 6,400 square metres and can fit over 400 professionals, for whom Bankinter has designed a new workspace that consists mainly in collaborative areas with open access. Bankinter aims to foster teamwork, a multidisciplinary work approach and increased interconnectedness between its various departments.

The new building space has no offices or closed-off departments, but rather collaborative spaces where areas are distributed in what Bankinter has named ‘barrios’ (neighbourhoods), which group together several departments with similar purposes. This design aims to provide employees with a more comfortable and flexible work environment.

Bankinter’s plan was also to create a building that fit within its commitment to sustainability while meeting strict energy efficiency standards. To this end, it has put in place water- and energy-saving measures and ensured natural light for over 90% of its workers, an unusual feature for many large buildings in Madrid.

The new floor plan was also conceived to make use of new technologies to provide workers with greater flexibility. Thanks to a technological efficiency process, it has been set up so that bank employees already working in the building will have quick and simple access to all the tools they need for their daily tasks from any point in the building.

With new workspaces, sustainability standards and technological efficiency, Bankinter hopes that this new building will provide its employees with a more flexible and close-knit work environment. In the building next to the newly-opened office, the bank had already run a pilot test on these new ways of working, which enhance mobility between offices.

Bankinter now has an expanded home office in Alcobendas in view of this newly opened building. It also has its corporate centre at Paseo de la Castellana, 29, in Madrid, in addition to another corporate office building in Tres Cantos, in the suburbs of the capital.