Bankinter multiplies special announcements and actions for customers during coronavirus crisis

The bank’s has tripled its assistance with retail customers at branches and increased its contacts with corporate customers sixfold on average.

Since the start of this situation, the bank has doubled down on its advisory services regarding credit, investment and markets.

To answer the bank’s retail and corporate customers’ queries and have a first-hand understanding of their financial needs in these difficult times, Bankinter has increased special announcements about the crisis, retail financing actions and advisory services about markets and investing for customers in recent weeks.

The bank has made 25 special announcements to customers (15 about retail banking and nine about corporate banking) in addition an open letter from its chief executive officer with a set of the bank’s specific actions and pledges for this current environment. As a result, it has directly sent out over two and a half million special emails to retail customers, corporate customers and SMEs, on a number of important matters in these times.

In retail banking, all teams for the various customer segments, branches, centres, agents and remote teams have been working proactively to get a first-hand understanding of each customer’s needs and financial situation, providing them with information on credit facilities the bank has made available as well as investment advice. In the branch network alone, the weekly average of resolved queries and transactions with customers has tripled with respect to the weeks leading up to the crisis.

Furthermore, the analysis departments of Bankinter and Bankinter Gestión de Activos have notably increased their reporting on markets and advisory services for their various customer segments. In particular, these areas have been preparing tools and documents such as a daily market report, information on previous and daily trading sessions on the Bankinter Blog, a podcast on the bank’s Whatsapp profile, a weekly investment strategy video, a recently published quarterly investment report with market outlooks, online query resolution with retail staff and conferences between customers and their relationship managers or private bankers.

Actions and communication with companies.

With corporate banking, the bank’s CRM engagements with customers have increased sixfold through intense contacts with companies and SMEs to understand their specific financing needs. Based on these proactive engagement efforts, 58% companies require financing. As a result, there has been a significant increase in new credit transactions.

In addition to the retail network’s action plan, Bankinter has increased the number of announcements it has sent out to keep companies regularly informed about measures in its shock plan against COVID-19. As a result, it has sent out over 300,000 emails, and new subscriptions to online notifications have also multiplied (over 40,000 notices have been sent out online).