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Bankinter is the seventh most socially responsible bank in the world, according to a ranking by Newsweek

It holds first place in the ranking of Spanish banks compiled by the prestigious US publication in collaboration with Statista, a market data provider.

Bankinter adds yet another accolade to its sustainability management. Renowned magazine Newsweek, with 90 years of history as one of the leading media in the United States, has ranked Bankinter as the seventh best bank in its ranking of the 'world's most socially responsible banks'.

In this ranking, which Newsweek compiled together with Statista, a company that provides market data, the Bank also holds first place as the most socially responsible Spanish bank.

In elaborating this global ranking, the two companies have taken a holistic view of corporate responsibility focusing on the three ESG dimensions: environmental, social and governance. They also evaluated a total of 175 banks from all over the world, among which Bankinter stands out with 83.3 points out of a total of 100, a score that is only four points behind the bank at the top of the list.

The methodology developed to rank the world's most socially responsible banks is based on two metrics:

  1. a) Objective data of around 30 key indicators (KPIs) from the three ESG pillars, including ratios specific to the banking sector.
  2. b) ESG reputation of each bank based on an extensive survey of consumers.

Based on these factors, the analysis followed a six-step process to create the ranking. This included the identification of relevant banks, surveys of 45,000 respondents on their views of socially responsible institutions, collection of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports and financial reports of relevant banks, and research on indicators that represent important aspects of a bank's ESG performance.

In this respect, Bankinter has accumulated years of transparency by making public - even before it became a legal imperative - its ESG management programmes and objectives through its annual Sustainability Reports, with the aim of disseminating to the various stakeholders the value generated by its activity in the economic, social and environmental spheres.

In addition to internal information, the ranking compilers also drew on reliable external information to gather data on ESG.


Commitment to sustainability.

At Bankinter, sustainability is a strategic priority. The Bank has been managing sustainability through plans such as the current 3D Sustainability Plan, which focuses on the three ESG dimensions. As a result of its ongoing efforts, the Bank is recognised as one of the world's most sustainable financial institutions, as evidenced by its membership of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the world's most prestigious sustainability index.

In addition, the bank has been part of the FTS4Good index since its creation in 2001 and holds a 'B' rating in the Carbon Disclosure Project, a benchmark organisation in environmental compliance data.