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Bankinter is holding an open online event to explain the investment opportunities in the metaverse

It will take place on Thursday 22 September, and it is free and open to all those interested in investing in this new universe.

The event will be hosted by economics expert Marc Vidal.

Last June, Bankinter became the first Spanish bank to create an investment fund focused on this industry, with subscriptions to the fund starting at 100 euros. The Bank has signed an agreement with the prestigious fund manager Edmond de Rothschild AM for the design of the fund.

Having become the first bank to launch an investment fund focused on the metaverse - with the renowned fund manager Edmond de Rothschild AM -, Bankinter seeks to help answer the concerns of potential investors in the sector.

To bring this new universe closer to the investor, Bankinter is holding an online event next September 22 hosted by economics expert Marc Vidal to provide investors with insight into the new opportunities presented by the metaverse for companies in a wide range of sectors.

The event, free of charge and open to all interested parties, will take place at 18.30h and only requires registration at this link:

 Link to event on the metaverse and investment in the metaverse

Experts predict that the development of the metaverse will lead to an even more important revolution than the one that started with the Internet three decades ago.

The new metaverse industry, which combines virtual and augmented reality with real-world experience, will change consumer habits and provide new opportunities for companies in a variety of sectors. It is estimated that the metaverse could reach a global turnover of $759 billion by 2026, up from $107 billion in 2020. Some experts suggest that the size of this new market could grow by 867% between 2021 and 2024.

Aware of the opportunities that the innovative metaverse can offer, Bankinter launched a new investment fund in May focused on it and designed and managed exclusively for the Bank by the French fund manager Edmond de Rothschild AM.

This is an innovative product in demand among private banking investors and one that Bankinter has also opened up to smaller investors with subscriptions to the fund available from as little as 100 euros.

The focus of this fund is medium-term investment in companies both in the technology and other sectors. Consequently, the fund proposes a minimum investment horizon of five years for a global, multisectoral product with no geographical restrictions.

Sectors linked to the metaverse.

In streamlining the wide range of sectors that will help develop the metaverse, Edmond de Rothschild AM proposes to invest across the entire value chain the industry has to offer now and in the medium term:

-Human interface: refers to companies whose technology will be indispensable for accessing the metaverse, e.g., virtual and augmented reality devices (e.g., headsets), meta-platforms or smart devices. The securities in the fund's portfolio related to this sector include Sony, Nvidia, Microsoft, TSMC and Apple.

 -Infrastructure: it includes companies that create technologies to enable connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, cloud or data centres. Examples of securities in this sector include Akamai, Verizon and OVH.

-Experiences and new uses cases: this sector includes companies that offer software and finance tools, cyber insurance, video games, design tools, 3D geospatial mapping, gamification, luxury consumer goods, and others. Securities in this sector include the luxury giant LVMH, or Alphabet, or, from a very different field such as insurance, Axa.