Bankinter increases mortgages granted in the first six months of the year by 34%, reaching 906 million euros

The bank grants 5,523 loans and achieves a quota of 6% of new mortgages granted in Spain in the first half of the year.

According to Ignacio Lozano, Retail and Remote Networks Banking Manager, this good evolution is explained by various factors, including "intense work in our commercial network, aided by a successful advertising campaign and an attractive mortgage offer that does not compare to that of the competition. The good perception of Bankinter on the market as a creditworthy and reliable bank has also had a positive influence, as has the fact that we have overtaken the competition with our firm commitment to this product".

With respect to the latter, Bankinter set the benchmark in September 2013 when it launched a variable-rate mortgage campaign with attractive differentials. And at the end of June the bank gave fresh impetus to its offer, launching a 2.05% fixed-rate mortgage with a 10-year repayment term, in a product that is designed to meet the increasingly frequent demand of the customers who apply to sign these types of loans assuring them a fixed payment for their property for the entire life of the loan, without suffering from scares from fluctuations in the Euribor. Additionally, it is the only financial institution that allows the customers to contract the mortgage, in the same economic conditions, under the 'Nothing More Mortgage' format, in other words, in lieu of payment, whereby the property is the only guarantee.