Bankinter enters the ‘Top 25’ companies with the best reputation

The Bank is, among the major companies, the company that best improves its position by climbing 25 places in the ranking prepared by Merco.

The Bank stands as the financial institution with the fifth best reputation rating.

Bankinter climbs positions in the ranking of companies with the best reputation. The bank lands in this Top 25 and achieves the best position improvement among this group of companies by climbing 25 positions in one year, according to Merco, a renowned consulting company in the field of assessing company reputation.

Last year, the financial institution was number 50 on the list, and this rise is an acknowledgement of Bankinter's work on a value that is of utmost importance for the institution, as one of its priorities is to convey its continuous effort in offering the highest quality and greatest innovation.

With regard to the ranking of banks, Bankinter is positioned as the financial institution with the fifth best reputation, climbing one place above Banco Popular and below only four financial institutions, all of which are much bigger.

Meanwhile, in the general classification, Inditex holds the first position, followed by Mercadona.

Mª Dolores Dancausa maintains her leadership.

Merco also assesses the business leaders, and in this ranking, the CEO of Bankinter, Maria Dolores Dancausa, continues to hold the eleventh position among the leaders with the best reputation, without showing any variations with respect to the previous year. She is the fifth financial executive in the first 15 positions. Bankinter's chairman, Pedro Guerrero, climbs six positions and consolidates his place in the ranking of main leaders with the best reputation in front of other leaders in the banking sector.

In addition, this year, Merco has published a ranking of women leaders in the business world for the first time, in which the CEO of Bankinter holds the second place.

Merco values aspects such as the company's financial results, the quality of its commercial offer, its teams' talent, its ethical behaviour and corporate responsibility, its international dimension and its level of innovation. With regard to the leaders, it assesses their strategic and commercial vision and the fulfilment of their objectives, their communication skills and ability to bring teams together, their drive towards ethical behaviours, their international projection and their innovative nature.

Merco's sixteenth edition featured the participation of 1,231 business leaders, 935 experts, 1,985 citizens, 17,555 employees, 874 undergraduates, 798 business school students, 122 Human Resources managers, 70 headhunters and Analysis and Research technicians, who assessed the companies' reputational merits. The methodology's supervision is independently reviewed by KPMG, following the ISAE 3000 Standard, as emphasised by Merco.