Bankinter closes 2016 with the best performing bank share on the IBEX35 for the fourth consecutive year

In 2016, Bankinter’s share price rose 12.5%, reaching a yield of 16% including dividends.

For the fourth year in a row, Bankinter shares yield the most returns in the IBEX 35 index after the bank closed out 2016 with a 12.5% share price increase. Although this stock index, made up of Spain’s top listed companies, was down by 2% at the end of the year, total share returns for 2016 ultimately reached as much as 16% on account of the gross dividend amount paid out to shareholders.

This is the highest return rate among Spanish banks. In the last four years, Bankinter’s share price has outperformed that of its peers in the Spanish stock market, increasing by 265%. In this regard, Bankinter also stands as the third best-performing bank in the Eurozone in 2016, competing with banks listed on the EURO STOXX 600, the leading European stock index with the top banks on the continent.

Due to Bankinter’s positive business performance, its position as the most profitable bank in Spain and its excellent solvency and asset quality, the bank has once again ended its fiscal year with one of the top-performing shares listed on both the Spanish and European stock indices. Bankinter’s share price kicked 2016 off at 6.54 EUR; by year end, it stood at 7.36 EUR. The bank's market capitalisation has gone from almost 5.9 billion EUR at the beginning of 2016 to 6.62 billion EUR at year end. As a result, Bankinter currently ranks sixth in the Spanish stock market in terms of market value.

On average, 2.9 million Bankinter shares were traded daily in 2016, which amounts to almost 19 million EUR traded per day at an average 6.47 EUR a share.