Bankinter Broker turns 20, with a 28% share of the retail investor market

In 1999, the bank revolutionised stock trading with a fixed-rate system and access to over 20 international markets.

Today Bankinter Broker has 100,000 customers making 1.3 million trades a year in equities markets.

The bank is celebrating its 20th anniversary by releasing a new app.

Bankinter Broker is turning 20 this year since it was created in October 1999. It has reached a 27.8% share of the retail investor market, trading almost one of three euros from this market in Spain.

In these two decades, the number of Bankinter Broker users increased from 25,000 at the end of its first fiscal year, to over 100,000 active customers who now use it as their intermediary for daily trading in equity markets.

It also progressed from brokering 250,000 stock trades in its initial stages to over 905,000 trades in its first five years; and, in 2018 –a sluggish year for markets–, it executed 1.3 million trading orders. Also in its first five years, its turnover went from an initial 1.5 billion euros to 15.47 billion euros and by 2018, it amounted to as much as 28.479 billion euros. Furthermore, its customer assets under custody currently exceeds 15 billion euros.

Even though the bank’s customers have been able to trade equities online in real time since 1997 through its regular banking platform, the launch of Bankinter Broker as a specific equity trading service was a complete game-changer for individual customers, as it combined, for the first time, a fixed-rate trade system and the possiblity of trading in over 20 domestic and foreign markets.

In little time, its functions and enormous possibilities turned it into a fundamental tool for retail investors. In 1999, it executed 35% of all trade orders from the bank’s customers; by the following year, that figure climbed to 80%. One decade later, it was processing practically 100% of customer trade orders.

20 years innovating with new features.

In the past 20 years, Bankinter has continued to innovate and hit milestones that have contributed to the Broker’s functions. In 2004, Bankinter extended its trading operations to mobile devices, a pioneer move in Spain. In 2008, it added ETFs and short selling to its portfolio; in 2010, it included international futures trading; in 2013, it created an innovative iris recognition system; and in recent years, it has launched a series of state-of-the-art applications that have kept it on the cutting edge of trade brokers.

The latest development unveiled recently by the bank is a new app that makes stock trading on a mobile device more intuitive and easy to visualise, with new tools, interactive graphs and full market reports in real time.