Bankinter brings financial education to deaf people with the CNSE

The bank and the CNSE renew their agreement to promote the training and finance information accessible for this collective.

Bankinter has renewed its collaboration agreement with the CNSE (the Spanish National Confederation of Deaf People), whereby it promotes the programme of education in financial subjects and basic banking concepts, intended for persons with hearing disabilities. The objective pursued by both parties is to offer training and information accessible to this collective in order to contribute to their empowerment with regards to the use of banking terminology and procedures.

The actions included in the agreement are expected to feature the scheduling of in-person talks in the various federations and associations of the CNSE network, at various places across the country. Qualified Bankinter personnel will provide this training in sign language, with a highly educational approach, along the same lines as all the financial education actions currently carried out by the bank.

Similarly, Bankinter and the CNSE will publish a series of accessible training videos on banking services on social networks. Among the services provided by Bankinter specifically designed to serve deaf people in the most comprehensive way possible is the video call service, which can be used to send queries to the institution and to receive financial advice.

The solid and decided commitment to social inclusion is a priority for Bankinter, and for this reason, it holds various agreements with organisations highly involved in the integration of collectives with disabilities. With agreements such as the one it has signed with the CNSE, it aims to promote inclusive activities that facilitate the lives of collectives with disabilities.

The CNSE is a non-profit organisation that serves the interests of deaf people and those with hearing disabilities and their families in Spain. It has 18 federations of deaf people of which, in turn, more than 120 provincial and local associations nationwide are members.  From 1936, the CNSE has undertaken work of political demand and incidence to in order for this group to achieve full citizenship.