Capital Advisor, Bankinter's 100% digital advisory service, offers the option of periodic contributions for better investment planning

The first 100% digital banking advisory service in Spain, Capital Advisor, now allows customers to predetermine how much they want to contribute to their investments and when.

Capital Advisor offers customers the ability to create and manage their own investment fund portfolios, with continuous access to advice and the option of seeing a comparative analysis of funds they hold with other institutions.

Capital Advisor, the first 100% online banking advisory service in Spain, launched by Bankinter in October, has just provided investors with the option of making regular contributions.

From the moment the customer registers with Bankinter Capital Advisor, they can configure their future periodic contributions at any time, deciding how much they want to allocate to the portfolio on a regular basis.

Bankinter is offering investors a chance to better plan their investment by being able to preset these regular amounts, allowing them to assume the investment as a long-term matter and not having to remember to increase the amount every now and then, if that's what they decide to do.

Capital Advisor is an innovative and fully online service aimed at investors looking to invest in funds and build and modify their portfolios. They receive regular recommendations but are free to decide on whether or not to follow them. The investor simply selects an investment objective, decides how much to invest and then builds the portfolio after viewing the recommendations proposed by Capital Advisor, always having the last word on how and where to invest their money. The service is only available to Bankinter customers for investments of 10,000 euros or more.

At the end of 2021, Capital Advisor had already accumulated more than 10.4 million euros in assets raised, a figure achieved in just two and a half months since launch.