Bankinter signs agreement with Apple to offer ApplePay to its customers

This service will be available for Bankinter cards and the bankintercard, which is managed by Bankinter Consumer Finance.

Bankinter, where 91% of customers are digital, has revamped its service offering.

Bankinter customers will soon be able to use Apple Pay, an easy, quick and safe mobile payment service. This option adds value to the services offered by Bankinter, which has one of the largest digital customer bases amongst Spanish banks (91% of its customers operate digitally).

The new service will let customers pay with their iPhones, since Apple Pay is available in establishments that allow contactless payment (without the need to insert cards in a credit card terminal).

This service is linked to Bankinter Group credit and debit cards, including bankintercard cards, which are managed by Bankinter Consumer Finance, the bank’s consumer lending subsidiary. The service also extends to cards that stem from business partnerships, such as the Visa Vodafone card, the Visa Air Europa Suma card and the Visa BP card. Apple Pay will also be available for cards for COINC, Bankinter’s fully online financial services platform.

The key features of the Apple Pay service are its safety and privacy. When customers use Apple Pay to make payments, their debit or credit card is never stored on their mobile devices or on Apple servers. Instead, their cards are assigned a digital card number, which is encrypted and perfectly stored in their telephone’s secure element.

Apple Pay is easy to configure and allows its users to continue to enjoy all the services afforded by Bankinter cards and the bankintercard card line. The system is compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and subsequent generations, as well as Apple Watch.

Apple Pay can also be used for online purchases on applications and websites. In this case, it is as simple as placing a finger on the Touch ID sensor, which eliminates forms to enter card or billing information. For online purchases, Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and later models, iPhone SE, iPad Air 2 and iPad 3 (and subsequent models), as well as through the Safari browser on any Mac model released as of 2012 with the macOS Sierra operating system. Payments will ultimately be confirmed with an iPhone 6 (or any subsequent model), Apple Watch or with the TouchID sensor for new MacBook Pro computers.