Bankinter offers two additional no-fee current accounts when you open your salary account

The new commercial proposal adds new advantages to the salary account, which offers a return of 5% during the first year and 2% the second, up to the first 5,000 euros.

Having two additional free accounts allows the customer to better manage savings and their personal and family finances.

Bankinter has launched a new commercial proposal whereby the bank´s current and new customers who arrange a Salary, Non-Salary, Pension, Business or Youth Salary account, may arrange another two current accounts, in euros or foreign currency, at no fee.

This initiative aims to help customers better manage savings and their personal and family finances through having several free accounts for different purposes and using them according to their financial needs: an account for their day-to-day, an account for expenses shared with a partner, for the children, an account for savings and investments, etc.

In short, it offers the possibility of differentiating diverse expenses, savings or transactions that had so far been concentrated in a single account and, in parallel, the option of bringing personal or family accounts that the customer may hold dispersed in other institutions to Bankinter and having them all in one place.

In order to provide maximum flexibility and help the customer manage their savings and financial assets, the customer can open the new accounts as the sole account holder or can share ownership of the same with other people.

This new proposal adds new advantages to the Bankinter Salary, Non-Salary, Pension, Business and Youth Salary accounts, which include a return of up to 340 euros the first two years, exemption from fees and the option of withdrawing money on debit for free at more than 17,000 ATMs throughout Spain.