Bankinter launches Excellence Management, an exclusive discretionary asset portfolio management service for Private Banking customers

This option represents another strategic step within the bank's specialisation in wealth management.

This service offers greater flexibility to investors, not only thanks to increased personalisation, but also thanks to the option they have to participate in the investment policy taken with regard to their assets, within a delegated management system, an option that has not been provided until now.

Excellent Management breaks away from the traditional strategy of delimiting all customers within the same risk profile.

Bankinter takes a step forward in its Private Banking business strategy. It has just launched a new discretionary asset portfolio management service, called Excellence Management, with which it seeks to offer greater flexibility, through improved personalisation and exclusivity to high-net-worth customers seeking to play a more active role in their investments.

By doing so, Bankinter is responding to requests made by customers, who are asking for increasingly tailored services, but also want to have more of a say in the investment policy used. With this in mind, Excellence Management was born.

As a result, the customer will have access to personalised discretionary management, based on essential criteria, adapted to their risk profile and seeking consistent returns, always under the key principle that investments are developed in the medium-/long-term and where protecting capital is a key concern. For this management, Bankinter will rely on its manager, Bankinter Asset Management, which has a proven record in the investment fund business.

The Excellence Management service comes in three options: Excellence Multiactivos, Excellence Selección and Excellence Selección Plus. With the first option, the customer will be able to completely delegate the management of their portfolio, which will be personalised according to their risk profile and the type of assets they choose (funds, ETFs or exchange traded funds, or shares). With Excellence Selección and Selección Plus, the investor will be able to take part in the definition of the investment policy applied to their portfolios, within the value proposition presented by Private Banking.

With Excellence Selección you will be able to personalise your investment policy, not only by risk profile, but also by geographical area and, in addition, you will set the degree of exposure to equities and fixed income. To do this, you can choose from a selection of portfolios of funds from third-party international managers prepared by the bank's manager, Bankinter Asset Management.

With Excellence Selección Plus, the personalisation options are even more extensive. The customer can also choose assets that differ from the funds contained in the proposal sent by Private Banking. These include shares, fixed income assets or ETFs. Therefore, you will not only have access to portfolios of international funds prepared by Bankinter Asset Management, but also a multi-asset portfolio that you are free to choose from.

First-class portfolios.

When putting together fund portfolios, Bankinter Asset Management carries out in-depth due diligence for a wide range of funds, whether its own or from third-party managers, that have a record of at least three years and a volume of more than 200 million euros, among other factors. From among the resulting funds, the manager selects those with a greater volume, significant liquidity (20%) and which are managed, in the case of third-party funds, by international managers of recognised prestige.

Constant monitoring.

Portfolios will be constantly monitored by Bankinter Asset Management. To do this, a tactical committee will meet every week to decide, among other issues, what the weighting of sectors should be when putting together portfolios. In addition, a strategic committee meeting will take place once a month, where the most relevant management decisions will be analysed and reviewed.

Benefit from reduced fees.

One of the advantages offered by the Excellence Management service to customers is the fact that they will have access to lower fees, since delegated management allows access to classes of funds with lower costs. Another advantage is the fact that the customer gets a more personalised experience with this service, without losing the diversification that fund portfolios offer, which mitigates the volatility factor. In addition, delegated management lends flexibility to the investment strategy, since it can change quickly, adapting to the environment of the different markets and assets.

Continued and detailed information.

The customer will have access to fully personalised investments, where they will receive constant monitoring information. You will have access to a full and personalised report on the performance of your portfolio in the selected period, where you will find:

-Analysis of data and graphs on changes in return, assets, distribution of assets, currency, etc.
-Details of the composition of the portfolio.
-Details of operations performed in the period.

Private Banking, a growing business.

The Private Banking business forms a strategic part of the organic growth that Bankinter is committed to achieving. At the end of 2021, Private Banking managed to increase assets under management by 17%, reaching 49,900 million euros. The Private Banking strategy is based on comprehensive asset management, focused on personal service provided by Bankinter's team of bankers and specialised Private Banking agents, in addition to multi-channel service and high quality service.