Bankinter launches Depósito Cuenta with 0.40% AER, linked to its payroll account

It allows account holders to supplement the interest offered by the Cuenta Nómina payroll account on balances of at least 10,000 euros.

Bankinter increases its offering of savings products with the launch of the new Depósito Cuenta time deposit, available exclusively for new customers who open any type of Cuenta Nómina account with Bankinter (ie, payroll, professional, pension or non-payroll).

The Depósito Cuenta bears 0.40% nominal interest (NIR) and 0.40% annual equivalent rates (AER) on 12-month deposits of between 10,000 and 200,000 euros per holder.

Thus, it is an excellent complement to the Cuenta Nómina account, as it offers additional interest on amounts that are not covered by the terms and conditions of the latter (which offers up to 5% AER the first year and up to 2% AER after the second year on maximum balances of 5,000 euros).

The returns from this new deposit stand out because they are above the average interest earned for this type of savings products, within prudential limits recommended by the supervisors.

This deposit is aimed at individuals residing in Spain and may be taken out at any Bankinter branch office or via telephone banking.

On the other hand, the Cuenta Nómina, with all of its different types (payroll, professional, pension and non-payroll), is a singular product that not only bears interest but is free of commissions, offers a free credit card, free on-line and mobile transfers in Spain and cash on demand. Account holders who wish to take advantage of these features must have a monthly net income of 1,000 euros or more.