Bankinter launches a special offer with Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts

Bankinter is cutting its fee by 75% for trading securities on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Friday and on the Nasdaq on Monday

Bankinter is reducing the price of pre-approved loans for one week.

Bankinter is offering 2% savings on gift vouchers purchased through the Bankinter website and app, a promotion valid through next Monday.

Bankinter has created a range of discounts in different business areas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which take place next Friday and Monday.

This Friday, Bankinter Broker offers its customers a 75% discount on the brokerage fee applied to buying and selling shares in New York's top index, the New York Stock Exchange. This discount runs through next Monday, Cyber Monday, for stocks listed on the Nasdaq, the biggest index for tech companies.

The fee applied on those days and for those securities, respectively, will be €5. These offers are valid for online and mobile transactions and for amounts under $40,000, but they do not cover ETF (exchange-traded funds) or credit trading.

Bankinter also has two consumer offers available for a significant number of pre-selected customers. The first is a price reduction of one percentage point for pre-authorised loans or the elimination of the loan arrangement fee. The second is a credit card offer that allows you to pay in instalments free of charge (at 0% APR) for purchases made this month with Compra Smart.

In addition, Bankinter is offering savings of 2%, an increase from the current 1.5%, on the purchase of gift vouchers purchased through the Bankinter website and app. The offer for these gift vouchers, which have an expiry date of ten years, is valid through next Monday. Bankinter has also increased the offers available to its young customer segment during Black Friday through its discount programme, with offers at AliExpress, Samsung, PromoFarma, Huawei, Toys "R" Us, Meliá, Iberia and more.