Bankinter continues to innovate in payment methods with two cards in a new single plastic card

The new Combo Mastercard lets customers carry two cards in one.

Customers can select how to manage daily payments and extraordinary expenses with two complementary payment methods.

It plans to offer various combinations with this card: credit and deferred payment; debit and payment in three months, interest free; and a version for sole traders to be able to pay off personal and business expenses with the same plastic card.

Bankinter is stepping up its innovation in payment methods. It will be the first bank in Spain to launch the Combo Mastercard, a plastic card with two cards in order to offer its customers greater flexibility.

With this new payment method, Bankinter wants to offer customers and non-customers alike the possibility of having all available payment options with them, either physically with the plastic card or virtually with wallets (mobile payment applications).

The card has an innovative design. It combines on the same plastic two cards with different card numbers on the front (Combo 1) and on the back (Combo 2) for each payment method. Another advantage it has is that it is adapted to all payment channels and, thus, can be used to make payments in businesses, restaurants or any establishment on a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, via contactless payment, with the Bankinter wallet and Apple Pay, as well as for online purchases. Furthermore, it will give the option of withdrawing money from ATMs on debit or credit with both cards.

The first payment method the bank will launch will be the Combo Mastercard linked to a payroll account, which will include a credit card with end-of-month instalments for customers’ daily expenses and another for any extraordinary or large payments customers wish to defer and pay at their convenience. This card will also be free for customers who directly debit their payroll with the bank.

Bankinter plans to launch two other card types. The first type will be specifically for sole traders so that they can manage their personal and business-related expenses separately with the same card. Lastly, it will launch a Combo Mastercard for customers who wish to pay on debit or in three months, interest free.

With this new offering, Bankinter aims to make payment more flexible and convenient while giving the best customer experience to holders of the card that it has just created in an environment where paying with card is the option most in demand, outperforming purchases paid with cash.

This new card reaffirms MasterCard’s commitment to providing the most innovative technological service that best meets the needs of its customers. It offers omni-channel products to further digitalise payments so that consumers can pay when, where and however they prefer.


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