Bankinter Consumer Finance launches its ‘Wallet’ app ‘bankintercard’

‘bankintercard’ is Bankinter Consumer Finance’s brand of cards, with over 720,000 users from both Bankinter and other financial institutions.

The app allows users to make payments, instantly manage the various types of ‘bankintercard’ cards and find current offers and discounts at nearby establishments.

Bankinter Consumer Finance, the Bankinter subsidiary specialised in consumer lending, is launching its ‘Wallet’ application for its ‘bankintercard’ brand of credit cards. Now, the more than 720,000 ‘bankintercard’ customers will be able to pay at any establishment in a quick and safe manner using their mobile device, without needing their wallet or using their actual credit cards.

To sign up for a ‘bankintercard’ credit card, customers do not need to have an account with Bankinter, as accounts with other financial institutions are also valid. Furthermore, this card does not require customers to pay any annual fee and lets them when to make payments and how much to pay each month for their completed purchases.

With the ‘Wallet’, card payments for ‘bankintercard’ customers in shops, restaurants and other establishments will become easier. In 30 seconds, customers can make payments on their mobile devices, by downloading the app on Google Pay and selecting the ‘bankintercard’ card (or cards) they would like to have activated to charge any purchases they make. Upon completing these easy steps, customers need only to put their smartphones next to a shop’s point-of-sale terminal in order to make a payment.

In addition to payments with mobile devices, the ‘Wallet’ app includes several other advantages for users, like managing other ‘bankintercard’ cards, checking their account activity and directly accessing their card accounts.

Another unique advantage is that it has direct access to a search engine that lets users to the find the geographic location of nearby establishments that currently have offers and discounts for ‘bankintercard’ credit cards


5% refund on hotel and restaurant payments

The new ‘Wallet’ app for ‘bankintercard’ users also has an additional incentive: a 5% refund for customers on any purchases they make via the app in hotels and restaurants.


Bankinter Consumer Finance, owner of the ‘bankintercard’ brand, has agreements with several companies in order to manage credit cards for their customers, including Air Europa, with whom it signed a partnership agreement in September. It also manages the cards of Línea Directa and has similar agreements with other companies such as BP and Renault. Bankinter Consumer Finance is the banking franchise that grew the most in Spain in 2016, increasing its gross lending by 46% from 2015. At the end of May 2017, it had reached 985,000 customers, with over 1.19 billion euros in total lending.