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Bankinter Consumer Finance, Línea Directa and VASS partner up to create a used-vehicle sales platform | Bankinter Corporate Website
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Bankinter Consumer Finance, Línea Directa and VASS partner up to create a used-vehicle sales platform

This partnership has created "CarnRoll", a new innovative digital platform for buying second-hand cars and accessing financing and insurance at competitive rates at the same time.

CarnRoll has a 'stock' of used cars, featuring leading brands and models, which have all been checked through more than 100 screening points. Customers can reserve their vehicle free of charge on this platform and then have it delivered to their home. All vehicles will come under a one-year warranty.

Users can access quick and easy financing on their vehicle, with a nominal interest rate (NIR) starting from 4.45% and an annual equivalent rate (AER) of 4.54%, without changing banks and with no set-up fee, as part of a fully online

 Through the platform, customers can request and receive a fully tailored car-insurance quote starting from 299 euros per year, pay monthly instalments and access specific types of cover, such as free choice of garage, 24-hour travel assistance, replacement car, vehicle MOT transfer service and cover for pets travelling in the car.

Bankinter Consumer Finance, Línea Directa and VASS, a company specialising in digital solutions through its VdSHOP brand, have signed an agreement to create a platform that completely overhauls how prospective buyers can purchase used vehicles, with financing and insurance included. To do this, they have created the "CarnRoll" digital platform, which puts a range of second-hand vehicles on the market and provides value-added services.


CarnRoll is a groundbreaking offering, as users can perform three processes on a single fully digital platform: buying a second-hand car, financing it and insuring it, should they need to do so.


Through its CarnRoll partnership, Bankinter Consumer Finance, Línea Directa Aseguradora and VASS, through vdSHOP, are establishing themselves on a market with major growth potential with an offering that covers the entire value chain, supporting end users through the entire purchase process.

Used-vehicle sales are still at record highs, spurred on by the current climate on the car market, which is facing major supply-chain strains, which is hitting dealers' stocks hard. Nearly 1.9 million used vehicles were sold in Spain in 2022. More than 985,000 of used-vehicle sales were to private individuals, compared to the nearly 372,000 new car registrations to private individuals. Based on these figures, for every new car sold, 2.6 used cars are currently being sold.


CarnRoll has a stock of second-hand, semi-new and refurbished vehicles that have been checked through more than 100 screening points and come with a one-year warranty. These vehicles can be delivered to customers' homes or to their dealerships, and can be reserved for 15 days free of charge, with the approved financial review. There is also a 30-day test period on these vehicles for prospective buyers.


In order to access the financing available to users, customers do not have to change banks or pay a set-up fee. What's more, the entire process is quick, easy and fully online. The maximum financing available stands at 30,000 euros, with nominal interest rates (NIR) starting at 4.45% and varying based on the applicant's financial profile.


Users can run loan simulations on the platform based on the number of instalments, with or without income, and can also calculate their monthly instalments.


If a customer is looking to insure the vehicle, when purchasing it, they can request and instantly receive a tailored car insurance quote, with offers starting at 299 euros per year, based on the policy type chosen, and pay monthly instalments of 14 euros.


Users can choose between a comprehensive policy, an extended third-party policy and even a specialised policy for electric and electric hybrid vehicles. Línea Directa insurance can be fully tailored to each customer's needs and include specific types of cover, such as free choice of garage, 24-hour travel assistance, replacement car, vehicle MOT transfer service and cover for pets travelling in the car, as well as many others.


Commenting on the agreement, Alfonso Saez, Managing Director of Bankinter Consumer Finance, stated: "CarnRoll has emerged from three major companies coming together and putting together a service that makes it easier for prospective buyers to purchase used vehicles, with fully tailored financing and the best terms and conditions, as part of a fully online process."



Diego Ferreiro, Commercial Director of Línea Directa Aseguradora, stated the following about the partnership: "We are very happy about this partnership, which will enable us to build on and push forward our business operations in a key segment of the market, used vehicles, and gives customers a comprehensive and truly distinctive service, which has emerged from this joint offering from three market-leading brands."


"CarnRoll is a fullcommerce platform built around our Kaiman ecommerce accelerator, which allows for quick web and mobile  technology development, as well as easy integration of VO-car partners and operational management of sales on the platform. We are really delighted very happy to have developed this project alongside Línea Directa and Bankinter Consumer Finance", commented Pedro Latasa, CEO of vdSHOP, which is owned by VASS.




About Bankinter Consumer Finance


Bankinter Group's, 100% owned, consumer finance subsidiary is one of the financial institutions with the highest growth in the Spanish banking sector in recent years, as a result of following Bankinter's prudent credit risk policy. At the end of the 2022 financial year, excluding Avant Money mortgages in Ireland, Bankinter Consumer Finance has a portfolio of 3.9 billion euros, which is up 26% on the previous year.




About Línea Directa Aseguradora


Línea Directa Aseguradora is the 5th largest car insurer in Spain, specialising in direct sales of insurance for cars, motorbikes, companies and the self-employed, and homes. Línea Directa is among the 100 Spanish companies with the best reputations, according to the MERCO Companies ranking. In 2017, it also started to offer health insurance, through a new brand built on digitisation and rewards for policyholders.



About VASS


We are a leading digital-solutions company based in Madrid, Spain, have offices in 26 countries across Europe, America and Asia and more than 4,600 staff.


We help major companies through their digital transformation process, by developing and implementing the most innovative and scalable projects, from strategy right through to operations. All of our growth stems from our amazing team, our passion for innovation and our constant efforts to find improvements, following the VASS mindset of "making complex things simple" at all times.


vdSHOP is VASS company, which creates and operates Digital Sales Ecosystems. Through its fullcommerce model (which covers any eCommerce project from start to finish), its partnership management (purchases, storage and sales both on its own platform and on customer platforms (B2C and B2B), marketplaces  in Spain and abroad) and with its own Kaiman ecommerce accelerator. |