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Alternative investment

Private equity sector

  • Product that maximises the diversification of Private Banking portfolios.
  • Medium-sized segment. It helps to achieve greater profit levels with less leverage, thanks to the lower valuation multiples.
  • Fund of funds. Opportunity for diversification by regions and sectors, within Europe.
  • Attractive profits; even during bearish moments in the market.
Inversión alternativa, capital riesgo, salud
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Inversión alternativa, capital riesgo, e comerce
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Inversión alternativa, capital riesgo, robótica
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Inversión alternativa, capital riesgo, gafas
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Launch date October 2019

Capital raised €156 million

Assets 54 funds and 8 direct investments

Location USA, Europe and Israel
Industrial partner Martin Varsavsky, Kanoar Ventures

Investment thesis

  • Platform for investing in technology companies, mainly from the Silicon Valley ecosystem.
  • Access via Venture Capital managers, which boast profits among the top 25% this year.
  • Companies with high potential for growth and increases in value thanks to their disruptive technology.
  • High diversification through a primary-investment fund of funds format.
  • Protection against economic cycles and inflation due to its differential technology and long maturity period.
  • High profits once divestments occur.