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Aid from the European Recovery Fund for Gender Equality.

Gender equality is critical to growth because it is an element of justice, social balance and is a key factor in productivity and potential GDP.

Ayudas del Fondo Europeo de Recuperación para la Igualdad de Género

What do we understand by gender equality?

Women and young people are suffering the effects of the current crisis more intensely. The gender gap is added to these effects, as despite significant social progress in this regard, de facto structural barriers still exist, thus complicating women's access to the labour market under the same conditions as men.

Keys to gender equality projects

The most concrete examples of projects framed within the core of gender equality cannot be specified until the projects submitted by each of the member states are definitively approved.

From the structuring of the budget associated with the Next Generation EU plan, we can extract the keys around which the projects related to gender equality will be structured:

  • The New economy of care and employment policies, within which these two items are included:

    • Shock plan for the care economy and reinforcement of inclusion policies endowed with 2,492 million euros.
    • New public policies for a dynamic, resilient and inclusive labour market with an allocated budget of 2,363 million euros.

  • Other possible routes for projects framed within the core of gender equality:

    • All measures aimed at harmonising men's and women's remuneration.
    • Initiatives to increase the number of women in management positions.
    • Development and implementation of gender equality plans.
    • Implementation of measures to promote co-responsibility in childcare.


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