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10 essential features of the Next Generation EU Funds for companies

23/07/2021 Written by: Editorial Dept

  • Expressions of interest are non-binding and you can access financing without having taken part in any such public consultations.

  • Except for special circumstances, projects submitted before the funding calls will not be accepted.

  • Public funding for projects is expected to be around 20%. The rest must come from private sources.

  • In addition to national programmes, companies can apply directly to European programmes.

  • The Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (SPERT) demand participation from the entire value chain of a sector, which means they cover SMEs as well as large enterprises.

  • The REACT funds are managed by the autonomous communities and are non-repayable grants for the post-Covid recovery.

  • A good project must be disruptive and realistic, promote collaboration between companies, and have a positive impact on the sector and region.

  • It's wise to designate an individual or a team at each company with sole responsibility for managing these funds.

  • It's important to identify projects that meet the conditions of the specifications and flesh them out: make them greener, more inclusive ...

  • Get to work on your projects right now to ensure you meet the deadline. The time frames are very tight.

If you have a project

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