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Cómo acceden las empresas a los fondos next generation
Experts and knowledge | 03 Oct 2023

We can now put a name to NextGen funds: four success stories.

Are European funds actually reaching companies? How have they managed it?
Valles hidrógeno verde
Experts and knowledge | 27 Sep 2023

Green Hydrogen Valleys: the power of a molecule driven by European funds.

How green will my valley be! Paraphrasing the John Ford film, Spain is preparing to see a dozen ecosystems that use green hydrogen experience growth.
Empresas beneficiadas fondos europeos ngeu
Experts and knowledge | 22 Sep 2023

European funds arrive in Spain: 280,000 beneficiary companies in a single year.

Can I be next?
Zamakona caso de éxito Fondos NGEU
Experts and knowledge | 23 Jun 2023

Zamakona Yards: a shipbuilding consortium for European funds.

A success story highlighting the ambition and strength of Spanish SMEs.
Tría Ingeniería y los Fondos NGEU
Experts and knowledge | 19 Jun 2023

Tría Ingeniería drives rail traffic thanks to European funds.

Borders have practically disappeared but the existence of different railway gauges remains a barrier to international trade.
L. Pernía: cómo ejecutar y cobrar el 97% de los Fondos Europeos
Experts and knowledge | 12 Jun 2023

L. Pernía: how to execute and collect 97% of the European Funds.

Alfonso Pérez Carballo, General Director of L. Pernía, discusses the energy project that received NextGen funding in a conversation with Emma Montserrat, Head of European Funds at Bankinter.
Historia de éxito Lácteas García Vaquero Fondos NGEU
Experts and knowledge | 02 Jun 2023

Lácteas García Baquero: A European Funds success story.

Lácteas García Baquero leads the PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) dairy consortium. In this article, we take a closer look at all the details of this success story.
Casos de éxito Fondos NGEU
Experts and knowledge | 25 May 2023

Success stories: these companies have already kicked off the NGEU Funds.

We have 4 success stories. García Baquero, L. Pernía, Zamakona Yards and Tría Ingeniería were pioneers in implementing their strategic investment projects thanks to Next Generation funds.
Experts and knowledge | 28 Oct 2022

The microchips PERTE mobilises the Spanish electronics industry: this is how it works.

Every year 1 trillion microchips are manufactured in the world, and only 10% are of European origin. PERTE Chip comes to alleviate this imbalance with 12.25 billion euros of public investment until 2027.