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El hidrógeno y sus oportunidades para la empresa hoy
Experts and knowledge | 22 Jun 2021

Hydrogen and the opportunities that it represents for business today.

Hydrogen as an energy vector is already a protagonist in its own right within all of the energy transition plans that governments and institutions throughout Europe and the world are promoting. And it is already a very interesting alternative, with many opportunities for companies and for society in general.
El hidrógeno verde y sus oportunidades para la empresa en el futuro
Experts and knowledge | 29 Jun 2021

The commercial future of green hydrogen opportunities.

When used as a raw material, green hydrogen can decarbonise intensive industry (petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilisers, etc.).
Estrategias nacionales y europeas en el ámbito del hidrógeno
Experts and knowledge | 06 Jul 2021

National and European strategies in the field of hydrogen.

There has been a hydrogen boom in recent months, not years, in almost all the countries of the European Union, which consider it one of the keys to the continent's energy transition.
El hidrógeno: un driver para la transición energética
Experts and knowledge | 13 Jul 2021

Hydrogen: a driver of energy transition.

Due to its geographical situation, Spain has a great opportunity to produce very cheap renewable energy as well as the cheapest hydrogen in Europe.
Oportunidades de innovación en el ciclo actual del hidrógeno
Experts and knowledge | 20 Jul 2021

Innovation opportunities in the current hydrogen cycle.

The current hydrogen cycle presents great opportunities related to innovation in its production, storage, transport, distribution, end use applications and safety.
10 claves esenciales de los fondos NGEU para las empresas
Experts and knowledge | 23 Jul 2021

10 essential features of Next Generation Funds for companies.

Do you know the essential features of the Next Generation EU Funds?
Claves para acceder a los Fondos NGEU
Experts and knowledge | 30 Jul 2021

Focus on what's important: keys to accessing the NGEU Funds.

Latest information about the Next Generation European Funds: updates, how to apply, FAQs, etc.
Subastas de renovables vs. Mercado mayorista de electricidad
Experts and knowledge | 06 Oct 2021

Renewable energy auctions vs Wholesale electricity market.

The renewables energy auction called by the government for next 19 October will put 3,300 megawatts of wind and photovoltaic on the table with an accelerated implementation process.
Nuevas oportunidades de financiación
Experts and knowledge | 12 Oct 2021

Next Generation EU Funds: new financing opportunities.

The distribution of European Next Generation funds has already created many financing opportunities for companies, and there is a lot of information to digest.