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Only for the accounts
1 /6
This number indicates the product risk, where 1/6 represents the least risk and 6/6 the greatest risk.
Bankinter, S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions of Spain. The maximum amount currently guaranteed by this Fund is 100,000 euros per depositor.

Bankinter anti-inflationary and Euribor measures

Your shopping, your electricity, your heating... When the going gets tough, who pays for it?

You do. You are doing what you've always done, buying what you've always bought, spending what you've always spent but you are no longer paying what you've always paid. It's called inflation, but let's face it, we all know it's time to make our money stretch further.

We explain it to you step by step: "play"

Thinking about everyone

Our accounts

That give you this return, without any fees and with two additional free, whether you have a salary or not.

Our accounts

  • Because we think about everyone, those who have a salary, those who don't, pensioners and, of course, the self-employed.
  • If you open it online, you can choose between a debit or credit card without an issue or maintenance fee.2
  • If you want, you can have two additional free accounts, for whatever and whoever whoever you want. 0 % APR
  • And without any fees for any accounts.
Up to 340€
for the first two years.
No fees.
No fees.
Maximum interest-bearing balance: €5,000. Up to 40,000 accounts.
5% AER1
the first year and up to
2% AER
the second year.
5% AER1
the first year and up to
2% AER
the second year.

Free personalised mortgage study service

Because everyone is different and so are our mortgages.

Free personalised mortgage study service

  • Because finding a mortgage is easy, but finding “your” mortgage not so much.
  • Because we know that what happens with interest rates can create uncertainty.
  • Because we understand that it's hard to decide which one to choose: fixed, variable or mixed-rate?
  • Because your situation and finances are so personal that only a personalised study will show you which mortgage is the right one for you.

Young people's mortgage

Someone giving you a helping hand for once. If you're under 36, this is the mortgage for you.

Young people's mortgage

  • Do you still have a lot left to save? Now you can get up to 90%3 financing for your first home.
  • Would you prefer smalle instalments? Then choose up to 40 years to pay your mortgage.4
  • What is the interest rate? Whatever you prefer: fixed-rate, variable-rate or mixed-rate.

Efficient home mortgage

To reward your good decisions.

Efficient home mortgage

  • A mortgage with no arrangement fee.5
  • If you're buying, building or renovating an energy-efficient home, we won't charge you an arrangement fee. For thinking about yourself, for thinking about everyone.

Offer valid until the total amount offered (25 million euros) is reached.

Paga Cómodo8

So you can stop trying to make your money stretch further and pay your outgoings comfortably.

Paga Cómodo7

  • The first one you make for free6 (0% APR7).
  • Choose between 3 and 36 instalments to pay for any cost of €90 or more that goes through your account.
  • It could be a transfer, fuel payments, bills or your taxes.
  • These could be costs from this month or from the last three months.
  • And you can decide yourself, with no need for authorisations or explanations. Just select the cost from your account and that's it.
  • Valid until 30 June 2023.
the first one you make!
0% APR7
VALID UNTIL 30.06.23

Capital Advisor

So you can invest like a professional, 100% online and from only €10,000

Capital Advisor

  • Capital Advisor is the first 100% digital investment advisor in Spain.
  • You'll be able to create, customise, manage and adapt your investment fund portfolio with the tools, based on proposals and periodic recommendations from our expert analysts, always based on your investment objectives.
  • Everything under your control, because we'll accompany you but the decisions, the last word, will be yours.
  • Investment funds are high-risk products and you may lose the capital invested.

Regular investing

So you keep investing regularly, investing what you can, when you can.

Regular investing

  • Because consistency is more important than quantity.
  • To make it effortless, you can set up automated contributions from 20€.
  • You decide the amount that works for you, with no pressure. If you can't make a contribution one month, it doesn't matter.
  • You can start making your regular contributions with any of our investment products.9
  • Do you need more encouragement? Do it before the end of the year and benefit from our promotion.10

We can't prevent your money from feeling mistreated, but we can treat you better.

Come to Bankinter, it's very, very simple.

Bank switching service.

  • Transfer your accounts, direct debits, funds, pension plans, etc., with just a few “clicks”.
  • You also have access to your positions with other banks from our website: an overall picture to help you manage your finances.

And so you should.

According to the well-known report by the consulting firm Álvarez & Marsal:

  • Bankinter came first in the ranking for sustainability and banking performance in 2021.11
  • Bankinter heads the ranking of the performance of leading Spanish banks in growth, liquidity, efficiency, risk and solvency for 2021 .

Thinking about companies

If your company has been affected by the conflict in Ukraine and you don't want to halt your activity.

We make it easier for you to benefit from the ICO Ukraine credit facility.

We help you get the financing guaranteed by the new ICO facility for companies affected by the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine.

  • We arrange the ICO guarantee.
  • We grant you the financing you need to ensure you have the liquidity to pursue your business.
Ukraine ICO Line

If your company wants to opt for European Funds, but does not know where to start, we do.

We will support and advise you throughout the process.

We will do so hand in hand with FI Group, the leading consulting firm in European fund management with more than 20 years of experience.

  • Feasibility analysis, preparation of the project, processing and justification of the aid.
  • And all in the fairest possible way, as we only charge you our administration costs if you are successful.

And we will top up the grant with the finance you need at each stage.

Specific finance solutions: Next Generation Bankinter.

  • Guarantees to make preparing your grant application easy.
  • Advances of up to 100% of the grant awarded.
  • Personal loans if the grant awarded does not cover the full cost of your project.