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It's time to move

In an inflationary environment like the current one, investing in financial markets is an excellent option to avoid being left behind. If you are thinking about taking your first steps, today we are offering Bankinter Top Protección FI, an excellent option for prudent investors who want to unlock the value of buoyant financial markets.

Investment funds are products that carry the risk of losing the capital invested. Past returns are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Fondo Bankinter Top Protección FI

Management mechanism

The management mechanism is there to ensure that 95% of the initial Net Asset Value1 is protected through a put option over the Fund assets, which can be exercised on any business day, in order to obtain each day a net asset value of at least 95% of the Reference Net Asset Value2.

Carmignac Funds3

Bankinter Top Protección FI invests in curated funds from the Carmignac range and has an annual volatility target of 2%, which is managed through an exposure adjustment of this selection of Carmignac funds.

Achieve your objectives

The opportunity to earn a return and to be able to plan and achieve your goals down the line.

Because by investing in global fixed income and equities, you will be diversifying and unlocking opportunities across all markets.

With a time horizon of 2 years.

Protection for 95% of the net asset value

The protection commitment for 95% of the maximum net asset value achieved at all times is regulated through a financial contract (put option), renewable for two-year periods, providing that a maximum net asset value is achieved. If the Fund falls in value at any time, the put option is exercised to protect at least 95% of the maximum net asset value1 achieved by the fund from time to time. If the Fund appreciates in value at any time (exceeding the initial net asset value), the put option would protect 95% of this new maximum value reached, for a period of two years from the closest date on which the reference benchmark net asset value was reached, except in the event of very unfavourable market events that shorten this period.

Minimum investment

No need to be from the high wealth segment to access this fund.

Management fee

Annual asset management fee.

And, of course, with the same benefits as any other fund.

Total liquidity

Your investment is available whenever you want. You can exit or invest more when it is right for you.

But remember, redeeming your money before the recommended time horizon (2 years) may increase the risk of capital loss.

Tax benefits

The gains obtained are not taxed for personal income tax purposes until you exit the fund.

Tax benefits are general in nature and will depend on the circumstances of each customer. They may also change in the future.


If you decide to transfer your investment to another fund, you may do so without paying tax on the gains you make.

Risk profile

Foreign currency risk

Up to 60% of the Fund’s net assets are exposed to this risk.

Credit risk

Credit risk: the risk of a downgrade in the credit rating of an issuer or that an issuer might default, thus reducing the value of the associated financial instruments.

Risk associated with financial derivatives

Risk associated with financial derivatives: the use of derivatives can cause further fluctuations in the value of the investments and, therefore, the volatility of the returns.

Risk of capital loss

The holder is exposed to unlimited risk of loss of capital in the event of suspension of redemption of units in the funds that comprise the “diversified assets” to which the fund is exposed, or if there is a credit event that affects the counterparty in one or more derivative trades negotiated over the counter by the fund. The impact of this counterparty risk is limited, as counterparties with a good credit quality (equivalent to investment grade) have been selected. Moreover, collateral is posted and adjusted daily with the counterparties to the Fund’s OTC derivatives (as explained in article 8 of the “Investment Strategy” section of the prospectus, on information relating to the financial collateral of the collective investment institution (CII), which is shown below).

To respect the limitations of the objective of obtaining each day a net asset value that is at least equal to 95% of the reference net asset value, as from the fifth business day following the end of the initial marketing period, or if market conditions so require, the IF may invest only in “fixed income assets”, meaning that exposure to “diversified assets” could be zero and maintained there. In this case, the IF would no longer be able to share in any future increase in the value of the “diversified assets”, even if that increase were significant, and the management company could liquidate the fund.