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In the event of your death, this policy covers the cost of transporting you to your country and place of origin. Whatever happens, you will be able to go home.
Seguro de decesos para residentes extranjeros


Your insurance policy will cover all repatriation arrangements and costs, including the cost of a companion.

Funeral service

Whatever the cause of death, a professional team will take care of coordinating, organising and delivering funeral services.

Travel assistance

If an event happens while you're abroad or away from home, your insurance will cover your travel to your place of residence. It also protects you against accidents, illness and hospitalisation, both in Spain and abroad.


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Guarantee summary
Funeral insurance
Funeral service
Supplements: repatriation of the corpse or the urn with ashes
Funeral home
Additional assistance
Transfer from home to airport
Extraordinary expenses
Special services
Travel assistance
A. For the insureds
A.1 Due to death:
Transfer from the place of death to the airport
A.2.Due to accident or serious illness:
In Spain:
Transfer by ambulance
Emergency medical expenses
Emergency dental work
Dispatch of medical specialist
Extension of hotel stay
€150/day (maximum €1,500)
Repatriation on health grounds
B. For travel of one person
Return ticket
Accommodation and maintenance expenses in Spain
€125/day (maximum €1,250)
Accommodation and maintenance expenses abroad
€150/day (maximum €1,500)
Accidental death of the person travelling
12.000 €
C. Help for minors and those accompanying them
D. Other benefits
In Spain and abroad:
Early return
Sending of urgent messages
Location of baggage
Replacement of baggage (maximum)
€300/insured €1,200/claim
Location and rescue
Maximum €1,500
Sending of medication
Abroad only:
Remote medical consultation
Advances of funds for hospitalisation (bond)
Maximum €12,000
Advance of funds due to traffic accident (bond)
Maximum €6,600
Advance of funds due to traffic accident (lawyers)
Maximum €1,000
Advance of funds due to accident, illness, theft or loss
Maximum €900
Information service
Assistance to people:
Service coordination
Management of services for uninsured family members
Family legal consultations
Processing of documents due to death
Benefit or €60, maximum
3 hours maximum
Optional guarantees
Coverage assistance to residents
Option A: Repatriation to the nearest international airport to the place of origin plus transfer to the place of burial (maximum €1,500 or €700 for ashes).

Option B: Option A + plane ticket (round trip) for companion.
A. Permanent disability
Apply scale up to insured sum
B. Accidental death
Insured sum
C. Credit card cancellation

See Terms and conditions Terms and conditions

Foreign residents insurance terms and conditions

You need to answer a simple question about your state of health to contract death insurance for foreign residents.

Death insurance for foreign residents is a renewable annual policy, the amount of which is updated every year according to the CPI.

There are different terms and conditions depending on your age when you contract the insurance:

  • Policy with one insured person: between 18 and 65 years of age.
  • Policy with more than one insured person: between 0 and 65 years of age.
  • This insurance is not available for people over 65 years of age.

The maximum number of insured persons under a single policy is ten.

The cover of the contract for each of the insured persons is automatically extinguished at the end of the annual period in which they reach 70 years of age.


What are the advantages of having a funeral insurance policy?

There are basically two: to ensure that your funeral expenses are not a problem for your loved ones and also so that they don't have to deal with a lot of red tape and administrative procedures.

Until what age can I take out a funeral insurance policy?

With Bankinter, you can take out a funeral insurance policy up to the age of 110 (depending on what type you choose).

What types of funeral insurance can you take out?

This policy has three types depending on the customers’ needs:

  • One-time payment: this is a one-off premium payment; the insured party is covered for life, and does not need to do regular check-ups or answer health questionnaires. This type of policy is only available to people between the ages of 55 and 110.
  • Always: recommended for people under 70 years of age. What sets this insurance policy apart is that in addition to the traditional funeral insurance policy, it includes a catalogue of common life insurance services: medical check-ups, travel assistance, home help, etc.
  • Foreign residents: For foreigners who usually reside in Spain but intend to return to their country of origin within a few years or when they retire. Your can take out our foreign residents insurance policy until the age of 65.

How many people can be insured on the same policy?

You can insure up to 10 people.

Can I change my insurance company?

Yes, you can change company as often as you wish (just like your vehicle or household insurance).

What is the difference between transportation and repatriation?

Transportation: moving the body from the place of death (in Spain or anywhere in the world) to a funeral establishment or cremation facility within Spanish territory.

Repatriation: applies to foreigners residing in Spain and, consists of moving the body from the place of death (in Spain or anywhere in the world) to the insured party's country of origin.

Can I choose the funeral company?


Does the insurance policy cover the companion's travel expenses?

You can also choose the “Companion ticket” guarantee (optional). This guarantee covers the cost of a round-trip economy class air fare for the companion of the deceased person designated at the time of repatriation or to send ashes covered by the policy cover.

What is the complementary assistance guarantee for the funeral service?

This guarantee consists of:

  • Transportation to the airport within national territory. The company will cover the cost of transporting the deceased insured party from the place of residence to the nearest international airport.
  • Extraordinary expenses. Medical-legal expenses due to the traumatic death of the insured parties, or in those cases where judicial proceedings were necessary.
  • Special services. Special funeral service due to the loss of life of the children of the insured parties if it happened during pregnancy or before a baby is thirty days old. The company also guarantees the burial or incineration of limbs amputated from any of the insured parties.

What should I do if an insured person dies?

Please call the 24-hour service number 918 366 225 to open the claim process. The customer service agent will give you all the information you need about the policy and the benefits of the service.

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